Wednesday, 5 June 2013

June 5th


Hopefully you are getting a post each day, and I don’t need to worry, think, about it for another few days.

I have a busy, full week ahead, with more quilting, an 80th birthday cuppa, a 60th birthday lunch, a trip to Adelaide on Friday and a retreat at The Sanctuary this weekend. And I need to catch up with my bookwork, as the end of the financial year is coming fast, and I have been so slack for almost a year!! But with a little bit here and there over the next few weeks and I should almost catch up.

There is good news on the weather front, and last weekend saw the heavens open and 40 ml of rain fell. The best rain in months, certainly filled the tanks,and watered the land. Thankyou Lord.

Below is another quilt from Kath.



And above and below, 2 from Teresa, who makes a lot of children’s quilts.



Above is Vals quilt, the dresdens all made from Australian printed fabrics. And below is a quilt from Sandy, made in a mystery quilt class.


Hope you are having a good week, whatever you are doing. And making the most of my daily blog posts, all scheduled on Sunday evening. (That’s if it works!!)

I am so looking forward to the weekend when a few of us are having a retreat at The Sanctuary, working on our own projects. I have so many, I am not sure which one to work on first. It is a shared catering weekend, so I won’t have to cook and can relax and sew!!

Blessings, From Jude

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Sue SA said...

Hope you have a relaxing weekend after your busy week! We might pass you on the road Friday!