Wednesday, 26 June 2013

June 26, 2013

I know its time for another update on life, and there is lots to blog about, but am rather busy with this quilt at the moment, so just a couple of photos of Pat's amazing stitching.
It has been basted and I have done the SID of all blocks and sashes. And started on the border. Hope to make good progress today, but as it's still "talking" to me, not sure how much progress there will be!
All the blocks are on point, so that means that all the SID was on the diagonal, so was rather slow going. And it is a very large quilt as you can see in the second photo.
Takes up most of the machine space.

Have been absent for a few days in the city to visit family for the weekend. It is always lovely to see them, and my grandies are growing up so fast, especially the older girls! They are almost teenagers.

And then on Monday I had an appointment for my annual sqeeze, I mean mammogram!
I have acheived a milestone the specialist told me, as it is 5 years since my surgery and radiotherapy.
And apparently that is a good sign! That was good to hear.

Well, it is 5.30am and in an hour a few ladies will be here for our weekly Bible Study. And as I have not yet done any preparation, due to being away, I better open my books! We are doing the last lesson of Philippians, and next term we are doing Samuel. Very challenging.

Will be back soon with a report on the last retreat at The Sanctuary from a couple of weeks ago, the Christian Women's Retreat, which was an awesome time.

Have a good day, whatever you are doing, and stay warm, those who are in the southern hemisphere, it was very cold yesterday morning, and a big frost. Have not looked out of the window this morning yet, but at least my house is warm now. After being away for a few days, and not having the fire going, it was so cold yesterday.

Blessings, From Jude
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Michele Hill said...

Happy Dance here for your 5 year milestone! xxx We drove home last night from Robe 4 days early....will tell you about it by email later - so this means no cuppa or a visit. I suspect your week is way too hectic anyway, take care xxx (and loving seeing the progress of Pat's quilt)

Sue SA said...

Congratulations on five years cancer free. My boss went to see one of our clients today...she turned 100 and still sharp as a tack! So there is hope for us all!