Sunday, 17 February 2013

February 17, 2013


I thought that maybe it was time to update the blog, and I was surprised to find another week had slipped by. The weather has been rather HOT again and looks like staying that way for another week at least. I feel so unmotivated and look forward to a cool change. It seems so long since we have had some decent rain, and pouring the tap water on the garden just does not have the same results.

I was also surprised to see that I have hardly posted any quilts since the start of the year, so have a few in the files for you. These all go back to January sometime, and yes Faye, I shall get to yours soon.

Below are a couple from my pile of PHD’s. I reckon that they sound much more intelligent than UFO’s or WIPs.

I started this quilt as a BOM from the Quilt Basket at Victor Harbour back in 2003.   It is called Country Gardens. I must have had more time back then, as I started doing the applique by hand blanket stitch and had only done about 3blocks, and sewn the logcabin backgrounds for the rest of the blocks. A couple of years ago I had a friend who wanted some hand sewing to do, so I dug out this quilt. We made a bargain that, if she finished the blocks, I would keep 6 and she could have 6 and we would both have smaller wallhangings. It did not take long for Ann to finish the stitching, and the finished blocks were shared and sat around for a bit longer. Late last year Ann died, and I ended up with her 6 blocks back again. So I thank Ann for what she did, otherwise they would all still be in the box unfinished.This quilt will be one that reminds me of my friendship with Ann. One of my January tasks was to stitch all the blocks together and add some borders. Now, it is in the queue at the quilting lady’s house (that means me!!), not sure how long it will take to finish now.


And another one of my PHD’s, started in a Celtic Knot workshop with Gina Burgess back in 2004. I did 3 of the knots, and had a long skinny piece, so added side borders and it also is at the quilters now!


Below are 4 customer quilts which I did in January, which seems such a long time ago now.





Next blog update will be quilts from February, so will be back in a few days.                    I just hope that the power does not go out and the air con keeps working so I can do a couple of custom jobs this week.

Hope are keeping cool wherever you are,

Blessings, From Jude


Furball Farm Quilting said...

Lovely work Jude, and what a great memory keepsake from your friend Annie. It's nice to have such personal work, don't you think?

Sue SA said...

Lovely quilts Jude. Hope you get some time to finish your own special projects soon. Its been too hot here, so hopefully after 39C today thats the end of it and we get some rain/snow! Well at least its not a total fire ban day I guess thats something of a bonus!