Sunday, 28 October 2012

In the garden

I have just spent ages writing a blog post and chatting on and on and then it would not post, told me there was an error, so this time I posted the photos and trying to add an edit, so hope it does not get lost. The weather has been just delightful this weekend, so have escaped to the garden at The Sanctuary. Time for some pruning and weeding. This garden has been 2 years in the making so far, and you plant lots of things to fill the space and  now I need to chop some things back which are taking over the slower plants. But its all good fun, and coming along nicely. Below are a few photos that I took today, while listening to the birds and enjoying the sun. The honey eaters are busy this week since the bottlebrushes have come out in flower.

Not sure what this yellow flower above is,... (I have been informed that they are day lillies)... and didnt really notice it at first as its next to the gazania below and did not stand out until I got closer.

Native hibiscus.

Hedge of seaside daisies growing along the edge of the front lawn.

Lobelia still looking pretty until the heat comes. 

The bottlebrush in flower, there are 12 of these trees in the garden, all with red flowers, so make quite a statement.

Lavender bush in bloom.

Bought petunias to plant, and the pansies still looked good, so planted them in between and now have both flowering. 

I was given these bulbs by Pauline, (thank you) and this year they have made a statment and look very pretty. (Peruvian lillies or alstomeria).

Bomeliad growing in the tree trunk, about to flower.

Dianthus still making a show until the heat will hit them.

Knofilia (sp?) looking good this year, Thankyou to June.

Thankyou to Ann for this eromophilus, flowering for the first time.
 My jasmine also flowering for the first time and climbing up the back fence.
 Pride of madera in the back corner out of sight, but very showy.

And I planted these ?????? as seedlings 2 years ago and forgot they were there, hidden by the kiss me quicks which have taken over, and they have flowered this year and are taller than me. Who can tell me what they are? I am still learning all this, and had to get some names from Pauline before I posted..... Have been told that these are foxgloves, so did a google search and seems they are a tad toxic! But pretty little bell shape flowers aren't they?
Posted by PicasaI think that this will be enough rambling until I know whether this is going to post properly, hope to get another blog in later with some before and after photos of the garden.

From Jude


clarky said...

looking beautiful Judy,,, Hard work now showing the results,,, A restful & pretty garden. thankyou for sharing the photos.

Furball Farm Quilting said...

So much colour! No wonder your wandering outside, I'd tinkle their for ages with all of those beautiful plants. I'm partial to the Broms.... they really do shine when they flower. Take care.

jfoster8 said...

Your garden looks beautiful...

Sue SA said...

The white flowers are fox gloves ... I think hollyhocks have a more open flower and they are the only two tall flowers I know! I love your garden, what a lovely range of plants. Definately getting a Pride of Maderia. Hmmm wish I had know Lobiela dont like the heat...I planted them on the west side of the garden, opps! Thanks for the tips ;-)

Marilyn Popplewell said...

Thank you for letting me gaze at your lovely garden. We are in our fall season so it was wonderful to enjoy your beautiful flowers. Blessings.