Friday, 19 October 2012

Retreat and wedding


Below is a photo of Heather’s Wednesday Wonders, who recently spent the weekend at The Sanctuary. Thankyou girls for coming and look forward to seeing you again.


Below are a few photos of a great wedding I attended last weekend. It was held at a venue in the Adelaide Hills, Beautiful sunny day, after a cold wintery few days, and lovely grounds, really loved the wisteria growing on the stone wall and the old house.




Above the happy couple (my nephew Les and his bride Libby), signing the papers, the water in the background and below the guitar music which was in the background.  The white stuff in the foreground are rose petals which the bride walked on to meet the groom.


It’s not often that all the cousins in my family get together, due to distance, but here they are, pretty good looking bunch I think. Ages range from 6 to 38 years, and 5 families.        The 2 from each end make up my 4 “children”!


Hope you are enjoying your week, whatever you are doing. I am quilting a few edge to edge quilts this week, before some custom next week. I am about to load a quilt that is 114” square, and the backing is just a tad too wide and fills up the whole canvas. So better get back to it, as this one won’t be finished in 5 minutes.

Thanks to all those who check in on me, I can’t believe the number of page views and how they mount up.


From Jude


Furball Farm Quilting said...

Lovely pictures Jude,... I really enjoy seeing weddings take place in these beautiful surroundings. Handsome bunch your "clan".

Anonymous said...

what a beautiful setting Judy..
It is a great feeling having all your family together.

clarky said...

Pressed the wrong key again.. Not is me Clarky.

Sue SA said...

Hello Heather and Debbie, your in blogland! Lovely wedding pics, looks like everyone had a fun time, so nice to get to catch up, such a pity we dont do it more often.