Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Trying to post again

Sorry for my absence in blogland. But, I did try a few days ago, and spent ages adding photos and writing a report, only to have everything freeze up, and then I lost the lot. Was so disgusted I went to bed, and only trying again now. Instead of trying to add photos from different folders, this time I have put them into one folder, and worked from there. Modern technology is great when you know the short cuts. It seems that a computer is a neccesity in todays world, especially for a business.
I use it for lots of tasks which would be so much slower if I didnt have it. Can't imagine doing the accounting without a program that adds all the columns at the click of a button!! It helps me to stay in touch with whats happening in the quilting world here and overseas, at the click of a button. We can send emails and get a reply almost instantly these days, and not wait for snail mail.
If I want to see how a quilt would look before I make it, I can use a program like EQ7, layout my ideas and even see how different colours will look. So much quicker than drawing on graph paper etc. And I can type up my notes for a class and make alterations so easily, and print copies quickly.
All my photos are downloaded onto the computer, and I can share them with others
with another click and press send!
Even my quilting machine can run on a computer, and patterns can be sewn much easier than when we use to have to mark up the pattern onto the quilt etc.
But all this modern tech stuff takes a lot of keeping up with, as each programme keeps updating.
I even read my books now, on a Kindle and just click to turn the page!
Well enough waffle about all that, below are a few of the recent quilts I have done.
Hope you enjoy.


Another day, I might tell you about something else I have been working on this week, provided it turns out as I hope. Just a few more days and I will know if I shall make it public or throw it where noone can see it!!!!

Anyhow thats enough for tonight, I have the heater going, as the weather has turned very cold in the last couple of days. Had some rain, which the country really needs.
Am hoping for some sunshine on Sunday, for our "Biggest Afternoon Tea" event.

More to come,
From Jude
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Furball Farm Quilting said...

I spend more time on the technology issues than I do on the actual quilting Jude. I shudder to think what I would be dealing with if I had the computer assisted quilting machine. You sure have been keeping yourself busy, those quilts look beautiful. I'm still trying to find my mojo, seeing your completed items just might inspire me!!!