Thursday, 26 April 2012

Quilts, the fabric type and another sort

Below are 3 more photos of quilts done this week, quilts made of fabric.I have had a run of edge to edge, which has been good, with the other jobs I have been doing.
Getting ready for this Sunday, for afternoon tea at The Sanctuary.

Well, below is another sort of quilt, not made of fabric, but painted on a board.
I have had this idea for awhile, and wasn't sure how it would work.
I originally wanted someone to paint something on the side of the shed at The Sanctuary, but noone was very keen, mainly because the shed was made of corrugated iron.
Then I had an idea to paint a board, and hang it from the shed. The board has been sitting around for many months, nothing done until a friend asked me if I would have it done before the event thats happening this weekend, The Biggest Afternoon Tea.
There is something about having a deadline coming to motivate us isn't there?
So last Friday afternoon, another friend called in and we set to work in EQ7, after I measured the board, which was 71" x 47". This is the design we came up with. So then we measured it all out, and drew it on the board with a pencil. And each day since, I have worked on it, taping the edges of each piece in the block with painters tape, and doing each separate colour and waiting for that to dry before doing another colour.
And let me tell you that there is a vast difference in painters tapes, so had a few fuzzy lines, which I hope are not too visible from a distance! And it is also much easier to quilt flowers and leaves, than it is to paint them.
An artist I am not. But I was quite pleased with how it turned out. The colour choices could have been better, but I was working with little pots of colour that I had, and limited choices.

This afternoon, the handyman husband of a friend came to the rescue and worked out how to hang
this on the side of the shed. I am very happy, and pleased with how it looks. Certainly makes a difference to the side of the shed, and a good talking point, and very appropriate for the "dyeing" shed at a
quilting retreat. (I think I can see a few more painted creations hanging in strategic places around
the place in good time.) Thankyou to the friends who have helped me with the renovations
at The Sanctuary, I am so blessed, it has been a real community effort.

I have just had my son and his girlfriend here for a meal, they are leaving this town and moving on the coming weekend. They both have new jobs about 3 hours away. They have both lived here all their young lives, so are excited to be starting out in new pastures. That means that all my children have moved away now, and its just me here now. Thats a bit sad, but I am pleased for them to be making their own way.

Well, thats about it for this time, will report in after the weekend, with some photos of Sunday,
hoping for sunny weather, so that we can hang "real" quilts around outside,
with tables out on the lawn for the "afternoon tea".

Blessings, From
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