Sunday, 24 June 2012

Family and Pink things

This is the photo I nearly did not post. My 4 children taken at last weeks birthday celebration.
This is what sent me to the hairdresser this week, and the grey hair is gone. Pity we couldn't do makeovers in other areas as easy!!

Has been a busy week with quilts and trying to get my bookwork in order. I have never been so up to date at this time of the financial year before, and it feels so good. Then I shall be able to work on other projects with a clear mind. Planning is happening for the "Christmas in July" weekend coming up at The Sanctuary with Faye Packham. Have worked out a menu including Christmas puddings and lots of goodies. Then to find the Christmas decorations and dust them off! Looking forward to a good weekend.


And I have plans for another weekend, to raise some funds for a cause thats close to my heart.
It is 4 years in July since my routine mammogram found a lump. Surgery was followed by  6 weeks of radiotherapy and now yearly checkups. Tomorrow is the day, so always just a tad apprehensive.
You learn a whole new language and I benefitted by the help that is "out there".
(I meant to add this last night when I posted but forgot... Remember girls to always go for a mammogram, they really do work. They picked up a very small, but aggressive little "lump" that I  could not feel and did not know was there! In Australia we are very fortunate to have the Breastscreen vans attend country towns every 2 years, as I am sure a lot of people would not make the effort to get to the city and have it done.)
So to give back I want to have an "In the Pink" retreat at The Sanctuary, do lots of pink things and so give back to help others. Still lots in the planning stage, but since I have mentioned this idea, lots of friends have come forth with things that are "pink", and I am just going with it now. Just not sure how it will all come together yet, am open to ideas and suggestions. And would love to hear from anyone interested in 3 days of "pink" fun.
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And a big thankyou to those friends who have given pink stuff.

Have more quilt photos to put up in a few days,
In the meantime, enjoy whatever you are doing
From Jude


Christina said...

The family photo is just beautiful.
What do a few grey hairs matter!

Marilyn Popplewell said...

What a beautiful family. What grey hairs, I'm too busy looking at the wonderful smiles on everyone's face. Love all of the pink items. Blessings.