Monday, 4 June 2012

2010 Bedford quilt and Jill's quilt

Above is a photo of Jill's quilt recently quilted. This is to go on one of the beds at The Sanctuary.

And this is my 2010 Bedford quilt. I cut extra scraps from my stash and made 3 more blocks, added a dark sashing to each block and then another sashing again, which brought it to a single bed size by the time I added a border. A friend made another scrap quilt using a different block pattern, and used the same border fabric, which I seemed to have a lot of in my stash, and when I finally get around to quilting that, it will match up with this one, both to go on beds at The Sanctuary also.

I think its time to get up from this computer and get back to finishing the Little Macca's Farm quilt that is on my machine. The weather is quite drizzly today, and rather cold. I am glad I have a wood heater in my house, makes it so cozy. I hate the cold, but am grateful that we dont have the snow and ice some countries do.

Enjoy your week, whatever you have in store,
From Jude


Furball Farm Quilting said...

Gosh you've been one busy lady! I think being inside, with the wood heater agrees with your work! Lovely work Jude, I do like that Bedford quilt, I think I may have to knuckly down and get some piecing done.

jude's page said...

I am enjoying some sewing again afer such a long time. The house renos took over a year, and just keeping up with customer quilts meant no time for 'me" sewing time. But feeling the need to get back to finishing some UFO's.

jude's page said...
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Marilyn Popplewell said...

Great quilt and quilting. Love the colors. Blessings, Marilyn