Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Spring is coming!

Time for another posting, time sure does fly by.
Am much better than I was last week, but still the cough is persisting, but I wont bore you with the details.
Have been attacking the weeds in the garden at The Sanctuary since the inside is now done.
They are easy to pull out while its still moist, and there is plenty of mulch on the garden beds.

Tidied up (shifted the junk mostly) from the back verandah, so it feels like I am making progress.
The first photo is taken from the carport, looking into the doors that lead to the verandah area. Do you see my dog, sitting by the pot plant, his name is Bones!! Cheap to feed, doesnt make a mess and wont bark!! There is a kennell by the wood shed, where he will eventually reside.
 And the second photo is taken in the verandah, looking back to the carport. This is the view from the kitchen window and is only about 1/3 or the verandah area.

The rest of the photos are of some flowering things, which tells me that spring is on the way. The bottlebrushes will be blooming soon.
I really will have to find out a quicker way to upload photos. This will do for now.
bye from Jude

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