Sunday, 31 March 2013

March 31, 2013

Well here I am back again, thought I might just catch up with blogging tonight, and try not to get so far behind again.
On a personal note, just for my records, in February I traded my car in for a newer model, The poor old car had seen better days, clocked up far too many kms,was 15 years old and so I had to make a choice for something else. It was not easy trying to work what I should do. I found it far easier to buy a house by myself, and this is the first vehicle purchase I have made on my own. Probably because I have no mechanical knowledge, but lots of people gave me opinions, many varied ones!!
A black or grey car was not on my list of options, due to the poor visibility on the road, but look what colour I have got! I am now driving with my lights on all the time! I do a lot of highway travel and I notice how grey cars blend into the colour of the roads.

Well thats enough personal news for the record, now this is how I quilted this quilt, which is called "Plain and Fancy".

Will post some more quilt photos in another posting, on a mission tonight to catch up.
From Jude
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March 31, 2013

Once again I am reminded of my lack of posting. I can't believe just how fast the weeks are going.
That's my excuse anyway. I have just been back over quilt photos and realise I have heaps of quilting to show. And if I am going to print my blog each year, maybe I need to have a better record of my life, in case anyone wants to read it after I am gone!! So I might put in a bit more info besides the usual retreats and quilts, feel free to skip that info if you prefer!!!
Below is a photo of a quilt that a customer sent last year, which caused me lots of thinking. I had this hanging up in my room for a long time waiting for it "to talk to me!"
If you would like the pattern for this quilt, it is available by contacting Linda on
I shall do another posting later showing you how I quilted it.

I have made some changes and additions to the retreat page, which you can click on at the top of the page. I would love to hear from you if you are interested in coming to any of the scheduled weekends.
It is always a great time of sharing with others while creating your next masterpiece.
I love to see the interaction between ladies that attend, who don't know each other before the weekend.
They have a common interest in quilting, and its not long before they find other common topics.
I have been fortunate to make new friends at The Sanctuary, and 2 weeks ago I had a visit by one lady and her family that I met last year. It was lovely to see you again Raelene, and what a lovely dinner we at the local hotel.

Next weekend is the EQ7 retreat, which I am particularly looking forward to.
And following that is the Longarm Quilters Timeout retreat. And another one has been planned for September, so put that in your diary to think about attending.


This is the time to remember the sacrifice of Jesus for us, and to reflect on the meaning of this. How awesome to know that I am loved so much. Today is the day to celebrate the resurrection and new life.
Whatever your belief, I hope you have enjoyed time with family and friends.
I have had a time of sewing with friends, attending church, and spending time in the garden, and enjoying the cooler weather of the autumn season. We even saw a little bit of rain, which has been absent for a long period. Just a tease of more to come I hope.

Later this week I shall be spending time with family away. I don't like to drive on our roads in the busy Easter season.

From Jude
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Thursday, 21 March 2013

March 21, 2013

Firstly I offer my apologies for a lapse in posting, and since I have been suitably reminded, I am sitting at the computer way past my usual bedtime! (Hope you appreciate this Faye!!) I have been intending to post all week, but time has just run away from me.
I have heaps of photos of quilts to post, so hope to be more disciplined. Thanks to those of you who check in on me.
Below is Kath’s quilt, custom quilted. Kath is still churning out lots of quilts, and has passed the great age of 80! I hope I can still be sewing at that age.
And below is a quilt finished for a friend by Lorraine.
And below is Linda’s African Beauty quilt, very stunning and a great use of her hand dyed fabrics.
And below is Helen’s quilt, made with a couple of packs of fabrics that just happened to go together.
And a blue and white beauty make by Sylvia for a wedding gift. Two colour quilts always look stunning don’t they?
And this is taken  at Millicent today, a display of Michele Hill’s quilts all hanging together in the Civic Centre, as part of the Geltwood Festival. There were quilts from local groups hanging in the shop windows and other crafts on display. And the highlight of our day was visiting the class of the lovely Faye Packham!
The weather was wild and windy and wet, and lots of trees were blown over. But we had a lovely day and visited a couple of patchwork shops and a nursery on the way home. And combined our trip with a visit to a good friend in hospital at Mount Gambier who has just had surgery.
This weekend our local group have the pleasure of a class by Lessa Siegele, so I think I better look at my requirement list tomorrow. Nothing like leaving things to the last minute! Have another quilt loaded ready for the morning, and need to turn on the taps at The Sanctuary as this wild weather did not blow any rain our way.
Time for bed, has been a long day, but a good one. Will try and come back soon!
Blessings, From Jude

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

March 12, 2013

Time for another update, and the weather is still HOT, supposed to reach 39 deg today and then hurray, it should be much cooler for the rest of the week and back to a comfortable 28!!

It was a long weekend here in South Australia, and the Statler Users Gathering was held at The Sanctuary. We had a great weekend, with all the girls travelling from 3 to 7 hours to get here. The air conditioner went all weekend, and we did not venture outside during the heat of the days. Some good people walked early in the morning and saw the white kangaroos which Bordertown is famous for, and one morning Elaine ventured in the other direction and found some camels.


Much was achieved by the girls, and as usual Elaine is the over achiever, working on about 6 projects! I managed the do the binding on a quilt, so that is one complete finish for 2013.


Brekkie outside in the cool of the morning for Elaine and Gayle.


My crocus were the only real colour in the garden, and you need to be quick to see them, as they only last about a week.


Alison showing us something on her laptop. We talked about the latest update for Creative Studio, using Stand Alone Mode, and PVM. Lots of discussion on favourite patterns, threads, waddings and issues relating to our business’.


And this is Alison’s Show and Tell, her finally finished Dear Jane quilt. Amazing effort, such tiny pieces in the blocks.

The next scheduled Statler Users Gathering is August 24-26. It’s great to spend time with others who talk the same language and share our experiences. Always good to hear other’s points of view and give us something to think about.

So after a lovely few days, it’s time to keep going with the quilt on the machine that I started last week and need to finish soon. Will be staying indoors today and look forward to cooler weather.


From Jude

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

March 6, 2013

Just a quick posting before I get into the day. Another HOT day coming up again, and staying that way for another week! I am so over the heat, and northern Australia is getting so much rain, and we would love just a small portion of that.
Below is Linda's quilt, looks like licorice allsorts, doesn't it? Made with her hand dyed fabrics in a workshop with Marie, of Holly Hand Dyes.
May as well see a photo before quilting, as the quilting is all stitch in the ditch, so you won't see any difference after quilting. I have actually done some of it, but it's slow work, and I am having lots of breaks!

Well, better go and finish my preparation for the Bible Study that is happening here at 6.30 this morning. We meet every Wednesday morning and do KYB (Know Your Bible) studies, working on Psalms at the moment.
Have a good day, whatever you are planning,
From Jude
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Monday, 4 March 2013

March 4, 2013 update

The delivery man pulled up out the front this afternoon, and I wondered what he could be delivering, and lo and behold, look what arrived.
A couple of weeks ago I went online and ordered my blog to be printed into a book. And today it arrived! It is so exciting to see it all in print. I can now say I am published, evcn if it is just for me!
I think this will be a great record of the quilts that I have done, the retreats at The Sanctuary and a bit of family stuff thrown in. Just like a diary, with all the photos. I wish I had started blogging a few years ago so that I had more years on record. I do have photos of all the quilts that I have done for others, but most are still on the computer and not printed. I did start printing them and putting them into albums when I commenced Cornerstone Creations Machine Quilting, back in 2002, but did not keep up. And a few thousand quilts have gone through my room since then.

So now I have posted twice today, must be a record. But I am rather excited, and the book is lovely. Thanks Michele, for telling me about this.
And if you have attended a retreat at The Sanctuary, your photo might be in my book and you can say you are published too!
Well, I need to put my shoes on and head out to a meeting of my local patchwork group.

From Jude
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March 4, 2013


Once again I don’t know where the time has gone. Can’t believe that it’s 10 days since I posted. So we will have an overload of February quilts this morning. I was up early at 5am this morning, lots to do this week, and the weather is coming in HOT again, so I need to make the most of the coolness in the early morn. I am so thankful that I have an inside job, and don’t need to be out in the heat. We are so spoiled these days with air conditioners in most homes and cars and shops. In another lifetime ago, my life was on a farm, and some jobs just had to be done outside in the heat and or rain. And before those farm days, it was another farm, a dairy farm, and what fun (?) it was, milking in the hot weather, cows flicking their tails etc! So I think I have the best job now, working my own hours, and going to a quilt show at home every day!

Below are 2 photos of Michele’s quilt. A showcase of yummy fabrics in a simple design.



This is Marie’s quilt, very striking pattern, quilted in an allover design.


Another of Michele’s quilts.


Val made this (Louisa’s star) quilt for a raffle quilt. A good range of scrappy blues, quilted with an all over pattern.



Above and below, 2 quilts made by Jean, one above has footballs quilted on it,                and below, quilted with clamshells. (Took the photo in the wrong time of day as the light was shining through the window.



Above and below, 2 photos of quilts made by Pat, both scrappy quilts.                            I have decided that I don’t need to buy much more fabric as  I could make lots with all the leftover scraps I have. I have been trying to cut them up and sort them as recommended by Bonnie Hunter, but have got a bit behind. My intentions are good.


Well I think that’s about it for this morning, its almost daylight now, and I need to go over to The Sanctuary garden and pull some more weeds. The lawn has crept into the garden beds and I am trying to keep it where it belongs, and should have done this weeks ago and it would not have been such a big job.

Have a gathering this weekend of Statler users in The Sanctuary, so have some menu planning to do. And need to load another quilt today and we have our local patchwork group meeting today too.

And a special happy birthday to my granddaughter, who turns 12 today!!

Hope you enjoy your day, whatever you may be doing,

Blessings, From Jude