Monday, 4 March 2013

March 4, 2013 update

The delivery man pulled up out the front this afternoon, and I wondered what he could be delivering, and lo and behold, look what arrived.
A couple of weeks ago I went online and ordered my blog to be printed into a book. And today it arrived! It is so exciting to see it all in print. I can now say I am published, evcn if it is just for me!
I think this will be a great record of the quilts that I have done, the retreats at The Sanctuary and a bit of family stuff thrown in. Just like a diary, with all the photos. I wish I had started blogging a few years ago so that I had more years on record. I do have photos of all the quilts that I have done for others, but most are still on the computer and not printed. I did start printing them and putting them into albums when I commenced Cornerstone Creations Machine Quilting, back in 2002, but did not keep up. And a few thousand quilts have gone through my room since then.

So now I have posted twice today, must be a record. But I am rather excited, and the book is lovely. Thanks Michele, for telling me about this.
And if you have attended a retreat at The Sanctuary, your photo might be in my book and you can say you are published too!
Well, I need to put my shoes on and head out to a meeting of my local patchwork group.

From Jude
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Faye Packham said...

Hi Jude,
I can't wait to have a look.
What a great idea.
Love Faye x

Cathy H said...

wow...what a great idea...

Sue SA said...

Oh Judy what a fab idea! I have the same issue just keeping up with the quilts I make, so I completely understand you not keeping up with customers quilts! Also great reference when someone isnt sure about a pattern...cos now you have a visual aid. What a great keepsake.