Tuesday, 20 March 2012

In the garden

It has been a rather hot, windy day today, and all afternoon I have been listening to the windmill at The Sanctuary squeak away, so when I went over to water I took the oil can! Something I have been meaning to do for ages. Fixed the squeak!
Then while I was watering some plants I was so disappointed that the crocuses that were happily flowering last week, have all disappeared, and I missed the opportunity of a photo. So back across the road I went and picked up the camera, so as not to lose anymore chances and took photos of what I could see.

Some nerines just out this week, hope they last a bit longer than the crocus!

This is the squeaky windmill, or I should say WAS. The last yellow flower of the knifophila???..... (cant spell it, but maybe you know what I mean)... and the lavender behind. When I bought the windmill at a clearing sale, my neighbour commented how Rusty it was, I told him it was Rustic!!
That little word makes all the difference to the meaning.
He just laughed. He is also a singer, and later came over with his guitar and proceeded to sing to me, the Windmills of your mind! (And before you get any ideas, I will tell you that Nic is 83!)   
Not sure where to put this pot, but it seems quite happy in the verandah at this stage. Lots to learn in this gardening world.
More rustic, as in the wheelbarrow a friend found for me for $5!

These zinnias did look better last week, so maybe I can give them a little hair cut and get more out of them yet this season. ?? 
Found these asters in the back corner, all looking pretty.
And this is whats left of the crocus, which was so pretty last week. I will remember next year, not to hesitate.

And my tree dahlia looks pretty happy in its spot. Might need to shift that rustic wheelbarrow to another spot or you wont see it at all.

Verbena all pretty and pink.
And I am pretty happy with this maidenhair fern, looks happy doesn't it?

And not too sure what this is called,  spider something I think. And its doing well too.

Have a weekend workshop this weekend, Colour Therapy with Marie Holly, looking forward to seeing what the girls produce.
 Michele Hill is coming to The Sanctuary May 4-6th, and if you read Michele's blog today, she announces, that she is cutting back on teaching in the future, so maybe now is the time to book in for a weekend with Michele while you can. (I am still not sure how to put in the link to her website, but will try).
Well after all that news, 2 postings in one day, after over a week with no news, I better go and load another quilt. Looking forward to cooler weather in the next few days.

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