Sunday, 25 September 2011

Jude's news

This is a photo of Merridy's quilt that I quilted an allover baptist fan on.
Hope she is pleased with it, I think it looks good, and is a great alternative to doing custom quilting.
Have done a few edge to edge quilts this week, but the others went out the door
before I managed to get a photo.
Had a few days away to attend a school Musical with 2 of my grandies in it. Was a very entertaining
show, they all did a great job. And then I visited the other grandies and babysat while their parents
went out for dinner to celebrate a wedding anniversary.
And last night was a good friends birthday party which was also a great night.
Today I have laid brick edging at The Sanctuary and put more plants into the garden.
Can't wait for it all to be finished. THe pavers have been laid at the front of the house, and
the painter is doing the last few jobs, so won't be chasing tradesmen any more.
Next weekend I am going on a retreat, with a few friends, (across the road to The Sanctuary)
 and hope to get a bit of sewing done for myself.
 So whatever you are doing this week, have a good one,
From Jude


jude said...

testing the comments again

Clarky said...

great Exibition Jude. So many people did so much work & your quilting shone through.
Heard so many great comments. Now inspired for next exibition.