Friday, 3 December 2021

Where did November go??

 Once again time has got away from me and not many blog posts. And I can't use the excuse that life has been too busy, as often the day finishes and I look around and wonder what I actually did? 

Busy seems to be a word that is used so much in our world today. It supposedly represents success and achievements and many take pride in being "busy". A busy life had been my lot for many years as I kept up with my business activities. Customer quilting and then retreats filled in much time as well as trying to keep up with the usual household duties. Reading back through some of my blog posts from a few years ago there are reports that I was striving to find a different balance in my life. There was always the next quilt to get done and a schedule to work to. Since coming to a complete standstill and "hitting the brick wall" a few weeks ago, I have taken the time to "smell the roses" and watch the world go by, as I have never done before. (Of course the recovery after my fall has helped me to take time out also.) Since stopping I have found it rather a struggle to "get going" again, and have realised that I do function better with routine and deadlines, such as the next quilt in the queue. It is so easy to get to the end of the day and realise that not much was achieved. Perhaps it's the mindset I need to change, and accept more "being" rather than "doing".....??

I have spent a lot more time studying His word and really listening for that guidance about the direction I need to take going forward. As I change the balance of my activities, it will take time to work out the what and how.....and develop a new routine.  

Meanwhile here is a summary of recent newsfromjude, such as it is................

D.E.A.R. Time

I have enjoyed my reading time and think I have finished about 8 books in 2 months.


I did promise a post of quilting and here it is..... better late than never??

This was made by Jenny and was quilted allover with Circle Meander.

Sherrel made this Urban Jungle quilt and it was quilted allover with a vine pattern.

Another quilt, a bright sampler, made by Sherrel and was quilted allover with Swirls

This is just one block and those HST units are 3/4" finished!!

.......and as neat on the back as the front!!

Another quilt by Jenny, Summer Quiltalong, and quilted allover with Floppy Daisy.

Shadow Boxes, also made by Jenny and quilted allover with a pattern called Augusta.

Sherrel has been busy and this is her Gypsy Wife quilt, which was quilted lengthwise with Modern Curves.

Suzie made this medallion quilt and she asked for a Meander allover.

A scrappy trips quilt, also made by Suzie and again quilted edge to edge with Meander.

Sue made the next 2 quilts, this one called "From Sweden with Love" and quilted allover with Circle Meander.

This Hidden Stars quilt, made with French General fabrics was quilted with an allover pattern called Tapestry.

The Naracoorte group finished this Illusions quilt that was started by Marie and I quilted it allover with Leaves and Loops. They are now binding it and will return it to Marie's family.

Sherrel made this simple little quilt with pretty embroidered blocks and it was custom quilted.

Lois made this quarter Log Cabin quilt for her grandson and used the colours of his football team. It was quilted allover with Footballs.


A recent post showed Raylene's progress on this donation quilt. Since she left I have added the borders...........

........and it now waits patiently for the quilter!!

I have also been sitting at the machine doing some piecing on a donation quilt, and had hoped to have a photo for you. But as it's not finished yet, I'll wait until it is.


I spent time on kitchen duty last week and this lot is in the freezer all ready for a special function that will be happening in a couple days time!!


There was a delivery of wood last week. While the wood fire has been burning into mid November this year, summer turned on this week and reminded us of the heat, so I expect this lot to wait now until next autumn.


These buds turned into this glorious flower below...... I picked it for inside, but it was very short lived and I enjoyed the others outside.

                 The first time my Christmas Cactus has flowered and they are stunning.


I have a few family pics in the files to add to the blog book. No comments needed for these. I will be back soon with more family photos as my Melbourne family have finally been able to come over the border, so watch this space for updates!

I think that's about it for this time. I will try to keep up better with posts going forth. Perhaps a new year's pledge?? We'll see.

Time for bed, as I need to pack in the morning and head up the highway for some family time!!

Blessings, From Jude


Maria said...

For someone who hasn't done much you sure managed lots of beautiful quilting..
Many pretty blooms in your garden and those books look like good reads..
Lovely family photos and enjoy your trip down the highway.....

Susan Smith said...

Not achieved much, no way, you've surpassed yourself & done lots. I've not been in the mood for blogging much either but am endeavouring to try. The quilting, garden & reading have put me to shame. I'll try and ring before Christmas. Take care & hugs.

Karen's Korner said...

When did you find time to sleep with all those customer quilts to be dealt with, reading, baking, gardening and family time.

Rajani Rehana said...

Beautiful blog

Rajani Rehana said...

Please read my post

kiwikid said...

Womderful newsy post Jude, good to have some reading time, the flowers in the garden are lovely and you sure have been busy quilting all those beautiful quilts. Wonderful family photos.

Raylene Edwards said...

When you do write a blog lately, it’s a doozy 👏 Those quilts are beautiful & your garden is flourishing even after neglect. (Though I’ve heard you have spent a little time outside) Being a nurse-maid to an incapacitated husband has left me little time to read your blogs! 😡Where was the ‘Twitch’ when I needed one 🤨

Joy from Days Filled With Joy said...

Where has the YEAR gone?! A lovely long catchup blog post - you've been very busy! Raylene, sorry to hear your hubby isn't well, hope he is better by now... can't wait to see you both again next year - God and covid willing :) xx

Chookyblue...... said...

I'm sure you will find your new groove and get a routine that suits.....
Lots of beautiful quilts...... And family time is special......