Thursday 8 June 2023

June Clearance Sale continues.......

 Tonight I have updated the For Sale - Fabric Bundles and Miscellaneous Notions Page with new bundles and sale prices. Click on the header at the top of the page and peruse the listing. I look forward to hearing from you if something takes your fancy, and thankyou to those who have placed orders so far. I will be in touch very soon.

This week I have turned Max on for the first time since May 11th!! I even remembered what to do and have finished 2 quilts. Yesterday it was QFO day and much was achieved. I even attempted to vacuum the carpet, but my cordless worked for 30 seconds and stopped. It did the same last week, so I thought I better clean the filters in case that was the problem. But no, it didn't help. So what is next? Do I see if it can be repaired or accept it has done it's lifes work?? Meanwhile, don't look at my carpets.

Time to finish for tonight. Another quilt on the agenda for tomorrow. Back soon.

Blessings, From Jude


Janice said...

I hope QGO went well and I’m sure your carpet was excused. Sadly, those vacuums don’t last forever, but they are certainly a great thing.

kiwikid said...

Good to hear you have Max busy again, shame about the cleaner, maybe it has done it's dash?