Tuesday, 6 April 2021

(Almost) like old times!

I started this update on newsfromjude last night, but after getting the photos I wanted from my phone to the computer, I ran out of 'oomph' and sat in the lounge with my feet up and then went to bed. As I need to get back to Max today and get a quilt done this week, I thought I would finish this post first, or it might not happen for a few days. As it's already 8am and I am still in my dressing gown, I hope that there will be no early callers at my door this morning.

We have had a great Easter break here and it has been almost like old times. Last year we were "shut down" and in isolation and stayers were rare. While there has not been a full house, I have had 2 friends staying and others calling in and spending time. Oh, how I missed this. It is lovely to hear the chatter and laughter and sharing of friends in the house again. 

Val came to stay for the weekend and was happy to be the pattern tester for one of the Mystery kits that have not been done before..................

I think I mentioned that I was expecting a visitor, and Raylene has been here for more than a week already, and hopefully not going home for awhile yet. Of course we would expect her to dress for the occasion and she found her hat from a couple of years ago.

Pat joined us on Friday for a day of sewing, and now it was really getting to feel like the days of old.

Later in the afternoon, another couple of friends called by, so the house was filling up.

                       Val got busy and started putting the quilt together...............

                          Now the centre of the top is made and ready for more borders................

And here is the Ta Daa moment and it's done. Thankfully my calculations were all correct, so I can make up another kit.

What can I do next, asked Val, so I found the string blocks that I had made in my last sewing session, that needed to be sashed and off she went.

Then string borders needed to be constructed to make it a bit larger...........

.........and the borders are now ready to be attached, when Val or I need another sewing fix. Thankyou Val for a great weekend's work.

Pat started her day by putting the borders on this quilt that had been assembled awhile ago. This is our group's raffle quilt for our exhibition later in the year. Many members made a Wonky Log cabin block and now it's waiting for the quilter!

Pat's next job was to assemble these blocks that are now waiting for a border, and then it was time for her to head home.

Raylene has been here for a week and is cutting, sorting, stacking and packing scrap fabrics ready for packs for a market day we are working towards.

We had to move things from the tables, to make room for a couple of sewers, so floor space came in handy!

I did some cutting too, and just love the Go Cutter for half square triangles! So quick and easy.

I decided I would take the time over Easter and do some sewing for me. Every so often I need to fill up the tank and sew. Not long ago I saw this pattern online and I am sorry I can't tell you where, but thought it was a good idea to use up those tiny scraps. (If you recognise this let me know, so I can acknowledge the original designer). 

Often there are little pieces left on the sides after cutting squares by placing them at right angles on the strip dies. I had quite a collection of little bits. I find it's hard to throw these little pieces away, so decided to try out the pattern.

One block made, and I even threw in some little triangle bits.

I used up a few plain background fabrics that were sitting around, and decided that 12 blocks were enough. I changed the layout and rotated alternate blocks so that the strips were not all going the same way. A friend called in while I was making these blocks and she said I needed to have some black in there somewhere. (You might guess that she makes quite a few quilts that have black in them)? I said I was NOT putting black in my quilt!!

Then I wondered whether to sash the blocks or not? And what could I use for sashing? Raylene searched the fabric shelves and came back with some black and white spot options?? Hmmm, perhaps we could put black in somewhere?? What do you think?

So the spot fabric went in for sashings. Now to decide on a border, yes or no, and if so what? It's always interesting to have lots of opinions, and there were plenty of these all weekend! How about this for a border??

Or should it have a little something first? Yes, that's better, and more black! Val said that it looks African, with that Zebra border!?

Ta Daa, the finish, and I think we were all happy with the result. Especially Jean who was the one to say it needed black. It was not the direction I was intending, but am pleased with my sewing session. But I will add that it was not a quick process sewing all those little strips together, but it was something a bit different for me. A little bit of therapy and a sewing fix. And another top waiting for my quilter!!

We had another friend who was spending some of her Easter time at her machine, although she was at her own house. But there were many messages going back and forth showing progress photos and asking for opinions re border options. Of course we all had lots of advice opinions and were quite forthcoming with them. These blocks had been made with a kit that she had been given that had varying layout options. It did not take long for her to get the blocks sewn together..........

..........and then we were asked for our opinions re the different border fabric options she had in her stash.  I won't show you all the choices she had, and most were limited in fabric quantities, but this was the final result, and I hope she was happy with our opinions. 

There were a lot of 4 patch blocks left from the above kit, so she thought of another idea to use them up and make 16 patch blocks. But she needed more half square triangle units, so picked out a background and a couple of blues and came around to cut them out with the Go cutter and went home to start sewing. They are being laid out like this, which looks really great, doesn't it?

There were also a few photos and messages going back and forth to other friends over the weekend, which illustrates how modern technology has enabled us to have contact with each other and share what we are doing, even though we are not in the same place. All in all, it was a special time with friends, both in person and from a distance. A weekend of sewing in combination with the celebration of the meaning of Easter with fellow believers was very special. As the title says, "Almost like old times".  

I received this lovely parcel in the mail on Thursday,..............

....................and this gift from Raylene is gorgeous. It is about 3" high and 2" wide and so cute.

All of the above has been more special because I have been confined to home for the last few weeks while my face has been "doing it's thing". I won't show you all the photos, but have cropped out a bit for this pic, that shows just one section as it's starting to heal. This is what the whole face has been like. Thankfully there is not long to go now!

While I was in isolation, Raylene and Pauline went to an event here in town on Thursday afternoon. The local garden centre held a Bazaar with lots of stalls selling their homemade goodies, and many food and drink vans. I was fortunate that they brought me back a treat of home made donuts. And they were good.

Over the weekend we were treated to a lovely show of honeyeaters who enjoyed a 
splash in the birdbath in the front garden. Photo taken through the glass, so not as clear as it could be.

You have probably heard enough from me for this post, and I think I really need to head to the shower and start Max. I have a deadline for the next quilt, so you won't hear from me until that is done.

Enjoy your week,

Blessings, From Jude


Chookyblue...... said...

Lots of great quilts great friends and fun times.......

Chookyblue...... said...

Lots of great quilts great friends and fun times.......

Jean McGee said...

Lovely post Judy, it was great to hear some friends were visiting and sewing at your place, it does sound like old times so hopelfully it might be a sign of things to come. Love the birds in the bath! Xxxxxx

Susan Smith said...

Your full house does bring back memories and maybe one day I'll be join you for a weekend again. I certainly recognised the first three. Take care & stay safe.

kiwikid said...

How wonderful you had visitors coming and going, love the quilt Val made, good to hear thenFairy has been busy too. Sounds like a wonderful weekend.

Karen's Korner said...

A fun and productive time.

Linda Steele said...

Oh, your poor face, glad it's getting better and you had a good Easter too. xx

Raylene Edwards said...

What a shock upon arrival. The photos I had been seeing of your poor face didn’t give the real life version.Then the chaos of the sewing room, but it’s been such fun & satisfaction of whipping it into order for Market Day. Still more to go. Yippee! A very happy week all round 😊